Unlike the traditional takoyaki, most takoyaki brands in the Philippines that can be traced back during the 1980’s have actually reinvented the taste of takoyaki in order to suit to most Filipino palate. Filipinos are naturally fond of sweet and sour flavors; hence, pioneering brands have incorporated sweet & sour and spicy sauces as alternative replacements to the traditional takoyaki sauce. In addition, pioneer developers have also considered the availability of green onion, nori, katsuboshi, pickled ginger and octopus in the Philippines and found that these items have very limited supply. Hence, cabbage and carrots have replaced the vegetable ingredients of the traditional takoyaki, while some brands have either removed the octopus meat or replaced the traditional baby octopus with tagalog squid. The reinvented mix has obtained its post to majority of the Filipinos especially those living in the metropolis.

SM Megamall

One of the prime outlet of TK Takoyaki, located at Magamall A foodcourt.