We are a company that believes in the success in (a) committed customer service, (b) innovation, and (c) continuous improvement. TK Takoyaki is a brand that specializes in the retail of the Japanese popular snack, Takoyaki. The family-owned business has started out as a humble company joining different events, food fairs, and food expo across Metro Manila. With successful hit from the consumers, the company opened its doors to food franchising in the hopes of sharing their success to interested investors.


TK Takoyaki seeks to:
• Provide a continuously innovating food retail concept
• Introduce fresh and natural snack innovations to our consumers
• Provide affordably priced snack to our consumers


TK Takoyaki envisions itself as a carrier of the many food innovations that can be introduced to the Filipino consumers

(a) in the freshest and natural manner,
(b) with competitive quality, and
(c) with reasonable pricing.


TK Takoyaki specializes in the food retailing of Japanese popularized snack, Takoyaki. The company was founded in the August of 2008. The founders, Marites Villaflor and Antonio Villaflor, started the company as a regular concessionaire in several key events and food fairs. The concept became a hit bringing the concept from events participation to actually owning a permanent space. The first branch of the company opened in 2008 located at the Odeon Mall, Recto. The number of company-owned stores grew
after a year. By 2010, with strong commitment to sharing their business success, the company decided to open its doors to food cart franchising. At present, the company operates more than fifty branches nationwide.



TK TAKOYAKI’s principal products are (1) Takoyaki and (2) Red Gulaman, while an optional product (3) Takoyaki Rice is also made available by the trademark. Takoyaki is prepared using two cooking sticks and a hollowed cast ironed plate exclusively made for cooking takoyaki. The ingredients are primarily batter made from our very own premix and fresh eggs, and stuffing ingredients comprised of cabbage, carrots and squid. Takoyaki is delicately made by shaping the balls while at the same time being cooked and being stuffed. The balls are served in four-piece serving and topped with four kinds of flavorful sauces and powder toppings.TK Takoyaki is served with four different sauces to better suit the tastes of the consumer. Adding into these are the mayonnaise, onion sprout toppings, Japanese majo and TK specially seasoned takoyaki powder. Takoyaki balls are usually served hot from the plate but it can also be ordered for take-outs.