We are definitely not your average franchise provider! TK Takoyaki strongly builds its franchise model on the principle of “SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS” with the goal of enabling the business owner to operate their stall with the least amount of work, attention, and time investment. We simply build on innovations that will enhance how you operate your business – that is our core strategy:

• You no longer have to worry on where you should buy, and/or how will you be able to sustain your raw materials!
• You need to relocate, you have our back!
• You are not technically knowledgeable in running a business, we can help you!
• Worried about manpower, we provide them!
• …and lots more!

We are not a perfect company, but we strive to deliver the best as we could. Check out the links to find out more details on our franchise offering:

SM Tarlac "Franchisee"