TK Takoyaki draws from the founding recipe of the Japanese takoyaki also known as the Japanese octopus fritters. The word ‘Tako’ means Octopus, and the word ‘Yaki’ means ‘Griddled’. Originally, the walnut-size snack was invented in Osaka by Tomekichi Endo, a Yatai streetvendor in 1935. Even during the early times, takoyaki is sold in small, mobile food stalls or pushcarts known to Japan as ‘Yatai’. The concept of Yatai involves the selling of street snacks as they demonstrate how they create the products fresh, and entice consumers with the aromas they produce while cooking. Yatais usually specializes in one or two products. Traditionally, Takoyaki is sought for its crispy texture outside, and the creamy almost hollow interior. The inside of takoyaki contains fresh vegetables, particularly carrots and cabbage, and freshly sliced chewy chunk of seafood. Our take in this product involves the four different specialty sauces we produce in-house.


Red Gulaman

Our Red Gulaman is another force to reckon with! Using the traditional means of creating gulaman syrup – yeah, we make it from
real raw muscovado and brown sugars, we take pride on our naturally-made beverage. To ensure the quality of our red gulaman
syrup, we even make it ourselves.

Takoyaki Rice

Filipinos are fond of eating rice! Our take in this tradition is the introduction of our very own TAKOYAKI RICE. Introducing
the vegetables, sauces, and meat used in our takoyaki, we replace the batter component of takoyaki with rice in order to make a
delicious rice snack.